Frequently Asked Questions


What is a security module?

In the past decade or so the car industry has transitioned in to the generations of smart keys.  These keys allow us to start are vehicle by communicating with your security module.  They connect to the security module and transmit a special code that will only allow you to start your car if the code on your key matches the code in your security module which is dedicated to your DME (vehicle “brain”).

Why do I need to send you my security module?

In short, we connect our hardware to the circuitry of your security module.  We do this is without any soldering to ensure the safety of your security module and/or DME.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 90 day warranty on all work we do.  All our keys are tested to make sure they communicate with your security module before they are shipped back to you.


How do I know which security module I have?
You can find out which security module your BMW uses by visiting the BMW page.  If you are looking for more in-depth information, you can connect with us on the Contact Us page.
How do I remove my security module?
This is moreover a straight forward task. You can find out information on how to remove your security module by visiting the Removing Security Modules page. If you feel you need help you can always connect with us on the Contact Us page.
I don't have any working keys, what do I do?
This is not a problem.  We can still make you a key but you will need to also remove your DME from your vehicle and sent it to us along with your security module. You can find out more information on how to remove your DME from the Removing DME page.


What am I supposed to ship and where?
You will need to ship us your security module and one working key that starts your vehicle.  If you do not have any working keys, you will also need to send us your DME. You can find more shipping information on the Shipping Instructions page.
How should I ship my security module?
Shipping the security module and/or the DME will require a box large enough to fit them as well as a small amount of cushion to ensure save travel through shipment.  You can find more information on the Shipping Instructions page.
How long does shipping usually take?

The shipping time required for the entire process would include the shipping from you to us + 1 day + the express shipping from us to you.


I need help!
No problem!  Feel free to connect with us on the Contact Us page.