BMW models and their corresponding security module

7-Series (2001-2008)

1-Series (2004-2006)
3-Series (2005-2006)
5-Series (2004-2006)
6-Series (2004-2007)

1-Series (2007)
3-Series (2007)
5-Series (2007)
6-Series (2008)
X5 Series (2007)
1-Series (2008-2011)
3-Series (2008-2012)
5-Series (2008-2010)
6-Series (2009-2010)
X1 Series (2010-2015)
X5 Series (2008-2013)
X6 Series (2008-2014)
Z4 (2009-2016)
5-Series 2010-2018
6-Series 2010-2018
7-Series 2009-2015
X3 Series 2011-2018
X4 Series 2014-2018
1-Series 2012-2019
2-Series 2013-2019
3-Series 2013-2019
4-Series 2013-2020
X1 Series 2016-2019
X2 Series 2017-2019
X5 Series2014-2018
X6 Series 2014-2018

Get your BMW key now!

We program all BMW CAS1, CAS2, CAS3/3+ & CAS4 keys.

We do not support EWS modules. Support for FEM/BDC keys is coming soon!

To get started, you will need to find out what module your car uses and remove it. Once you have removed your security module, send it to us along with a working key that starts your vehicle. If you don’t have a working key, you will need to send your DME instead. You can find DME removal information on the Removing DME page.

You can look to see what security model your vehicle uses in the chart on the BMW page. If you need to find out how to remove your security module, visit our Removing Security Modules page.

We sell keys in the checkout but if you already have a new blank key, you can select that in checkout.