BMW Key Programming


BMW Key Programming

Cost Breakdown:

$150 for base programming

+ $50 per new programmed key
(If you have blank key, you can send to be programmed at no extra charge.)

+ $125 for all keys lost situation (need to send DME instead of working key)




BMW Key Programming

For all BMW CAS1, CAS2, CAS3/3+ & CAS4 modules.

Support for FEM/BDC modules is coming soon!


Required shipment from you:


Complete shipping instructions are available on our Shipping Instructions page.

The address you need to ship your items to will be emailed to you after your order is completed. If you have any issues, you can contact us.



Below are the supported BMW series/year listed under their security module counterpart.

If you have any questions you can contact us.

7-Series (2001-2008)
1-Series (2004-2006)
3-Series (2005-2006)
5-Series (2004-2006)
6-Series (2004-2007)
1-Series (2007)
3-Series (2007)
5-Series (2007)
6-Series (2008)
X5 Series (2007)
1-Series (2008-2011)
3-Series (2008-2012)
5-Series (2008-2010)
6-Series (2009-2010)
X1 Series (2010-2015)
X5 Series (2008-2013)
X6 Series (2008-2014)
Z4 (2009-2016)
5-Series 2010-2018
6-Series 2010-2018
7-Series 2009-2015
X3 Series 2011-2018
X4 Series 2014-2018
1-Series 2012-2019
2-Series 2013-2019
3-Series 2013-2019
4-Series 2013-2020
X1 Series 2016-2019
X2 Series 2017-2019
X5 Series2014-2018
X6 Series 2014-2018